18 Assorted Vegetable Seed Packets, Non GMO Garden Seeds for Planting Vegetables and Fruit, Seed Starter Kit

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  • DIVERSE HEIRLOOM VARIETY: Experience a vast array of flavors with our 18-pack assortment of heirloom vegetable and fruit seeds. Each pack contains heirloom vegetable seeds for planting outdoors, ensuring a delightful culinary experience and preserving agricultural heritage.
  • HIGH QUALITY NON-GMO SEEDS: Garden Grace Seeds are non-GMO, ensuring the purity and integrity of your vegetable garden. Gardening seeds boast excellent germination rates and robust plant growth, whether you choose hydroponic or traditional gardening methods for sprouting seeds
  • SUSTANAIBLE & EASY TO CARRY: Grow your own fruits and vegetables, promoting a happy healthier lifestyle and contributing to a sustainable future. From squash seeds to tomato seeds for planting, and many more, our garden kit of bulk seeds has something for everyone
  • BULK SURVIVAL PACKETS: Each pack in our 18-pack assortment contains ample seeds to support your gardening journey. Whether a seasoned gardener or teaching next generation, our bulk seed packets provide an abundance of options
  • ENCOURAGES SELF-SUFFICIENCY: Cultivate your own heirloom seeds for planting vegetables and fruit with our variety pack assortment of plant seeds for outdoor gardening. Enjoy your own non-GMO produce, reducing reliance on store-bought options, and embracing a more sustainable lifestyle