SupplyTiger Enhances Online Presence with New Website Launch

            ELIZABETHTOWN, Pa. – July, 3, 2020 – SupplyTiger optimizes the shopping experience, as they introduced their new website this Spring. The website – known as – now provides not only more aesthetically pleasing elements, but it also allows consumers to purchase candy and CPG goods directly from SupplyTiger. SupplyTiger CEO Ryan Tiger expressed his great satisfaction with the final product.

            “We are growing rapidly as a company, and we needed a website that represented us in the best way,” Tiger said. “We have a great team of e-commerce engineers who have worked daily to make this happen.”

E-commerce engineer Samuel Lion helped design the website, and he is very proud of the website’s success. “During the process, we wanted to make it look and feel right for customers,” Lion said. "I think we nailed it."

            Their new website was developed utilizing Shopify, an e-commerce company based in Ontario, Can. Last June, SupplyTiger recorded almost $6,300 in sales, and Tiger anticipates there will be more sales still to come. “I hear nothing but praise coming from customers who use our website. is a testament to our mission, which is to be constantly thinking ahead and paving the path of innovation.”

 SupplyTiger Mission: Agility, Positivity, Innovation, and Growth is our mission.