CANDYMAN Chocolate Candy Bundle with Mini Size Twix Caramel Cookie Bar & Snickers Individually Wrapped Snacks (100 Count)

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Note: This is NOT a subscription service


  • Delight in Miniature: Savor the blend of crunchy biscuit, creamy caramel, and smooth chocolate with CANDYMAN's 100 count bundle with mini Twix and Snickers bars, for a quick treat
  • Unforgettable Party Favors: Elevate your next party with CANDYMAN's mini chocolate bars, delight guests, and leave them with sweet memories
  • Pinata Candy: Transform any celebration with our bulk snack packs, ideal for filling pinatas and spreading joy with every burst
  • Lunchtime Surprise: Brighten your child's day with a sweet addition to their lunchbox, providing a delightful midday treat
  • Office Morale Booster: Keep the team happy and productive with a stash of CANDYMAN's mini Twix and Snickers, the perfect office snack solution
  • Candy Buffet Essential: Create a stunning candy buffet with our diverse selection, sure to be the highlight of any birthday party or event
  • Generous Bulk Pack: Our extensive assortment caters to all tastes, ensuring everyone finds their favorite treat in our bulk packs
  • Joy in Every Pinata: Make every swing count with our chocolate filled pinatas, turning gatherings into a chocolaty treasure hunt
  • Convenience: Packaged by, CANDYMAN's chocolates provide convenience without compromising on taste. We even use ice packs in the summer
  • Summer-Ready Packaging: CANDYMAN ensures your treats arrive non melted, even in the heat, with specially designed ice packs to maintain the ideal temperature and preserve the chocolate's quality and taste during summer deliveries