West End Foods Candy Treats 3 POUNDS Individually Wrapped Candy Bundle of Jolly Ranchers, Airheads, Skittles, Starburst, Life Savors Gummies Fun Size Assorted Candy Bulk Candy for Pinata

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  • PINATA CANDY: Indulge in a delightful array of treats with the West End Foods 3 pound bundle of Jolly Ranchers, Airheads, Skittles, Starburst, and Lifesavers Gummies. Unwrap the fun and sweetness with a vibrant mix of assorted candy. From the fruity explosion of Skittles to the chewy goodness of Airheads, each candy piece in this snack box is a burst of flavor that promises to satisfy every craving for all ages
  • Candy Bag for All Occasions: Indulge in the sweet abundance of our 3-pound snacks variety pack, a delightful medley that caters to every craving. Whether you're throwing a birthday bash, hosting a cozy movie night, or simply seeking a delicious snack, this gift box assortment is a must have addition to your fruit candy collection. With iconic favorites like Jolly Ranchers hard candy, Skittles bulk candy, Starburst candy, and more, it's the ultimate congratulations gift for any celebration
  • Rainbow Candy for All Ages: From the laughter of young children to the nostalgic smiles of adults, our diverse selection of variety candies brings joy to every generation. Whether it's a family game night, an office party, or a casual hangout, this candy box assortment promises to delight everyone, making it the candy dish for guests of all ages. With tantalizing options like Lifesavers Gummies and Airheads, it's the ideal snack variety pack for adults and kids alike
  • Versatile Candy Pantry Pack: Our candy mix isn't just for snacking, it's a gateway to endless indulgence as movie night treats or road trip essentials for adults. Use it as pinata stuffers or goody bag stuffers for a burst of excitement, sprinkle it over ice cream for a delectable topping, or incorporate it into baked goods for an extra dose of sweetness. With tantalizing options like sour candy and gummy candy, the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination